Verdigrow – Linking landscapes together to grow a more ecological world

Verdigrow Limited specializes in conservation, ecological landscaping projects, and waste management in both residential and commercial properties.

We are dedicated to restoring urban and suburban spaces to more productive use.  The blank green slates that have come to typify residential and commercial properties are not sustainable.  Lawn care wastes precious fuel, water, time, money, and land.  By restoring native plants to some of these spaces, we can reduce that waste while enhancing urban biodiversity by providing food and habitat for increasingly threatened wildlife.

Every site and every project is unique.  We assess the soil, light, moisture and usage conditions specific to your site, listen to what your goals for the area are, and develop a solution with you that fulfills your needs while enhancing the local ecology.

Verdigrow Ltd specializes in:

  • Developing landscapes of truly locally native plant communities that attract birds, bees, and other pollinators.
  • Advising on maintenance and restoration of native plant gardens
  • Native plant sourcing
  • Presentations about native plants, invasive species, and urban biodiversity
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution — mediated solutions to environmental issues
  • Technical report writing and editing
  • Storm water control solutions
  • Waste minimization audits

Verdigrow Limited specializes in conservation, ecological landscaping projects, and waste management, in both private and commercial properties. As a private company, Verdigrow Ltd. is able to freely lobby for ecological change without fear of losing charitable status or having funding curtailed.   Our goal is to create a unified network of people putting their land to productive use…not profit.  Please join us in linking landscapes together to grow a more ecological world.

Verdigrow Ltd is owned by Deborah Dale, biologist and former President of the North American Native Plant Society.  Her background includes Hazardous Waste Manager, Municipal Recycling Coordinator, Municipal Solid Waste Specialist, Wetlands Biologist, Conservation Property Manager, Researcher, and Operations Management Consultant.

Verdigrow Ltd is committed to your privacy.  None of the personal information that you share with us will be sold, traded, or exchanged without your express permission.